Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy little bees

We've been so very busy lately, that we realized we've been neglecting our blog!  But we have some good excuses. 

First and foremost, my business partner (the Dayna of Dayna Lane) had her first son.  Tyler was born Saturday November 7th.  We are so excited to have another little man in our family.

Then, we've been working on finally doing home parties.  The great and unique thing about our home parties is instead of ordering things at a party and then waiting weeks to get them, you take home what you buy.  I just love instant gratification!

Finally, we were getting ready for our largest craft fest of the year at the University of Florida O'Connell Center.  Even though it was held the day of the SEC Championship game, we still had lots of people come out and shop all the booths looking for handmade gifts.  I just love meeting all the other artisans and seeing how talented people are.  Plus it is so nice to see the general public spending their money with crafters versus going and buying a generic gift from a box store.  I also got to meet some of the nicest people at the show.  Next to us was Millie from Fallin Oak Glass who makes gorgeous stained glass pieces (I even bought a pendant from her to use in a necklace).  Then across from us was Kevin from Clay Orchids who made these amazing flowers out of clay.  It took me going over and watching him make one to believe they weren't real!  So if you are not able to make your own gifts this year, please at least go online or to a local craft show and support crafters.  Handmade gifts are so much more personal and thoughtful, and at least you know who is getting your hard earned money!


  1. How could I have forgotten to mention my favorite shop Sweet Tater & Co.?

    If I had a girl, I would be broke with your bows.