Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ID Badge Holders

Okay, so after working in a large company where we had to wear our ID badges at all times to get in and out of places throughout the building, I know first hand how annoying they are. And what makes them worse is the plain strap that you wear around your neck to display the ID badge. Well we finally have an answer to that...Beaded ID badge holders! They look just like a necklace, but they have a clip at the end to attach your ID badge. For those in the medical field, we have magnetic clasps, so if you have an agitated patient who grabs at your ID, it will come right off your neck, avoiding any possible injury to you (or your beautiful badge holder!). You can buy one to match your personality, or multiples to go with your wardrobe or holidays. They are all made with the same high quality that you all expect out of us, using funky beads, crystals, semi-precious gemstones, etc. So check them out, and tell a friend!