Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homemade Gift Ideas

So, with Valentines Day right around the corner, and with our country in a definite recession, I was thinking of ideas for everyone to make their own gifts this year. Yes, I know it takes money out of my pocket, but hey I feel giving today. Plus, maybe if I save you some money on Valentines Day, you'll buy an even larger basket for something else later on. Who knows! :) Anyways, here is a list of 50 ideas for homemade gifts for all ages that I found online. These are all really simple to do, and you can buy all the supplies needed at any local craft store (like Micheal's Arts and Crafts store) as well as the instructions are all over the web. Hope this helps and you enjoy!

1) Personalized photo frame
2) Cookie mix in a jar
3) Dog biscuits
4) Pasta Dinner in a basket
5) Potpourri
6) Paperbag scrapbook
7) Bottle dried herbs in olive oil
8) Chocolate lollipops
9) Garden stepping stone
10) Fleece blanket
11) Personalized towels
12) Crafty lunch box
13) Gel candles
14) No sew sachet
15) Friendship bracelets
16) Folk rag doll
17) Butterfly or bird house
18) Kite
19) Sock monkey
20) Beanbag teddy bear
21) Broomstick skirt
22) Pillowcase dress
23) Totebag
24) Quilt
25) Cardboard box dollhouse
26) Kitchen apron
27) Advent calendar
29) Beaded candles
30) Sea salts in a jar
31) Personalized T-shirts
32) Bookmarks
33) Cell phone case
34) Dish towel angel
35) Beaded napkin rings
36) Beaded Fan pulls
37) Personalized switch plate covers
38) Country style personalized wooden sign
39) Etched glass candle holders
40) Photo letter frames
41) Mosaic tile hotplates
42) Marshmallow gun
43) Date night gift basket (filled with lotions, oils, etc)
44) Tile picture
45) Book clock
46) Trinket box
47) Photo serving tray
48) Personal coupons
49) Memory box
50) Love jar